Material Claims

  • Emergency service organisation
    • 24/7 professional support
    • Towing the vehicle
    • Providing a replacement vehicle
    • Hotel and transfer arrangments
  • Organising the best auto repair shop network for fastest repair
  • Repair process control (fraud prevention)
  • Loss adjuster organisation
  • Translation service organisation


  • Nationwide and international medical network for immediate assistance (Ambuance service)
  • Medical provider (hospital,pharmacy) search and advice
  • Transfer organization
  • Actuary organisation & report control
  • Claim followup and organisation in Turkey (if required)
  • Lawyer organisation (if required)

Recourses (Regresses)

  • Controlling collected documents / check list (preparation)
  • Analysing case and documents
  • Entering accident reports into the system
  • Applying responsible Insurance Company/ 3rd parties
  • Follow up and accelerate the process in the companies /meeting if required
  • Using detective network for finding collection solutions (from 3rd parties)
  • Collection of the agreed amount (directly to insurance company)
  • Applying legal process if required by our customer
  • Lawyer organisation

Additional Services

  • Breakdown and maintenance service
  • Loss of value report, claim and collection….extra income for customer
  • Loss calculation with European tools (Audatex/Dat/GT)
  • Windscreen repair/change service within a special network
  • Fraud control – detective organisation
  • Accident report assistance for your clients